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Test 2: Spoken and written English

The English we use when we speak is not always acceptable or appropriate for the sort of formal writing needed at university. How aware are you of the difference?

Some of the following statements are often used in spoken English but are not appropriate in written English for university courses.

Identify which statements you would use in spoken or written English by clicking on the 'Spoken' or 'Written' buttons.

1. They should of planned what they were doing in advance.

2. They were working while ten o'clock.

3. Many people cannot get their heads around this idea.

4. They had been planning to go but found they were unable to do so.

5. The results of the experiment were great, incredible.

6. They was working very hard.

7. They ought to have read the book by now.

8. What sort of idea is that!

9. He has jumped over the wall and fell flat on his face.

10. The results of the experiment were dodgy.

11. Many people who work full time take their snap with them, rather than buying sandwiches.

12. This idea does not seem to be based on evidence.

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