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What is Good Written English at University?

What sort of written English is expected for work on university courses? Are you writing in that way?

This part of Writing for University Courses contains a test sequence and video clips to provide information about good written English at university.

To begin the test sequence, click on 'Open Test Sequence' on the left of the screen (An alternative text-based test sequence is also available.). The test sequence will open in a new browser window. You may need to re-size the window - you can do this by dragging the corner or by pressing the maximise button. When you have finished the tests and read the feedback, close the window to return to this page.

Here are some video clips of lecturers talking about students' writing.

Video clips - lecturers' comments
Lecturer Name: Jeanette Baker
Lecturer Description: Teaches Marketing in the Faculty of Organisation and Management

Audio only
Text transcript

Lecturer Name: Steve Harriman
Lecturer Description: Teaches Communications in the Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Science (ACES)

Audio only
Text transcript

Lecturer Name: Chris Hopkins
Lecturer Description: Teaches English in the Faculty of Society and Development

Audio only
Text transcript

Lecturer Name: Jenny Shelton
Lecturer Description: Teaches Biochemistry in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Audio only
Text transcript

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