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Where do I start?

Do I need Starter or Development Level?
- Starter Level Skill Check
- Development Level Skill Check

- Starter Level Advice
- Starter Level Practice
- Starter Level Checklist

- Development Level Advice
- Development Level Practice
- Development Level Checklist


Where do I start?

If you have never used Writing for University Courses before, begin with the Starter Level Skill Check to lead you to the Practice and Advice you need in Use of Words.

If you have already used Writing for University Courses and wish to review a particular item, use the Contents List to find it.

Use the Checklists before you hand in any written work. They will help you ensure you have written in a way which gives the meaning you intended.

The Advice and Practice are each divided into two levels:

  • Starter: the basics if your writing is to be understood at university.
  • Development: builds on the Starter Level. It covers the aspects of writing needed to get the grades you deserve.

If you have difficulty with the exercises and ideas in Writing for University Courses, it may be worth contacting the Student Services Centre (see References and Resources). They can conduct a screening for possible dyslexia and suggest further ways to improve your skills.

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