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Topic Information

Why this topic is important

Where do I start?

Do I need Starter or Development Level?
- Starter Level Skill Check
- Development Level Skill Check

- Starter Level Advice
- Starter Level Practice
- Starter Level Checklist

- Development Level Advice
- Development Level Practice
- Development Level Checklist


Use of Words - Topic Information

This topic is split into four main sections, which are described below. To access the sections, use the menu on the left of the screen.
Where do I Start (Skill Checks)?

This has Skill Checks which will help you find out which areas of your writing you need to improve and at what level, Starter or Development. Begin with the Starter Level Skill Check.

Using the Advice and Practice for this topic

For each item in the menu there are both Advice and Practice exercises. You can move between them.

The Advice gives guidance on an item and gives examples.

The Practice exercises help you practise using words which are appropriate for university courses, where you often have to use longer, more complex sentences in order to express complex ideas. The appropriateness of your use of words will affect your marks and grades.

If you wish to view a larger version of the Practice exercises, click on 'View larger version of this exercise', included above each of the exercises.

You could:

  • start with the Practice, checking the Advice if you find an exercise difficult or confusing
  • start with the Advice, then go to the Practice to check out your use of words.
Check your Work

You can use this to check and improve every piece of written work you do, before you hand it in.

Starter and Development Levels

The Advice and Practice are each divided into two levels:

  • Starter: the basics if your writing is to be understood at university.
  • Development: builds on the Starter Level. It covers the aspects of writing needed to get the grades you deserve.

The Skill Checks will help you see what level you need, but generally, check you are confident about the Starter Level before moving onto the Development Level.



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