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Warning about spellcheckers

When you word-process, always use a spellchecker to see if you have spelt a word wrongly.

However, spellcheckers do not tell you if a correctly spelt word is in the wrong place. Always read through your work as well as spellchecking it.

*They drove form school.
They drove from school.

The spellchecker will not pick up form instead of from, as it is spelt correctly - it is just in the wrong place.

Spellcheckers may also:

  • suggest a different word from the one you intended
  • offer you several words to choose from.

If in doubt, check the word suggested in a dictionary, or ask for advice.

Sheffield Hallam University
Spellchecker does not know Hallam is correct. It suggests the following: Halton; Halloo; Hall; Hallow; Halls; Hal; Hale; Halo; Halloos; Haled; Hales; Haley; Halt; Halos; Hillman; Hellas; Helium.

If you find it very difficult to know which to choose from the words a spellchecker suggests, it may be worth contacting the Student Services Centre. They will be able to conduct a screening for possible dyslexia.

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