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Using Writing for University Courses for the first time

Using Writing for University Courses again

Using the topics

- Using Practice and Advice

- Using the Checklists

Using the other sections



Using the topics

Each topic is divided into 2 levels:

  • Starter: the basics to use if your writing is to be understood at university. In your first year (level 4) you must be using these.
  • Development: builds on the Starter level. It covers the aspects of writing needed to get the grades and marks you deserve. You should be using these aspects in level 5. By level 6 and above this is what is expected.

At each level, the following activities will help you:

  • Skill Checks to guide you to the aspects you need to improve.
  • Practice. You can practise the aspects of written English which are so important at university.
  • Advice. There is advice for every practice exercise.
  • Checklists Use these every time you produce a piece of written work, to check and improve it, before you hand it in.

Use of Writing for University Courses - flow diagram



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