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Using Writing for University Courses for the first time

Using Writing for University Courses again

Using the topics

- Using Practice and Advice

- Using the Checklists

Using the other sections



Using the Checklists

Use the Checklists at Starter and Development Level in each topic to check your work before handing it in.


Good writers keep changing and improving their work before the final version i.e. they produce several drafts.

Drafting suggestions


Word-processing work makes it easy to amend work. You can change words and cut and paste sections to move them around.

If you handwrite work you will have to re-write the whole thing.

See References and Resources in the Main Menu for resources to help you learn to word-process or to improve your word-processing.

How many drafts do I need?

Do not hand in your first attempt. You must at the minimum check it once and correct or amend it. The author of Writing for University Courses amends pieces of work 4 or 5 times.


To help you spot things you had not noticed:

  • use the Checklists in Writing for University Courses
  • print your word-processed draft to read on paper (it will look different)
  • leave your work for a couple of days (or longer) and then return to it. It will look different
  • read it aloud.

Other tips:

  • ask somebody to check it (but remember, any individual work which is assessed must be your own). Try not to rely on others (they may not always be around). Instead, use them to alert you to areas you need to improve. You can then use the relevant Advice in Writing for University Courses
  • put the number of the draft (e.g. Draft 3) or the date you revised it on the work, to avoid getting mixed up about which is your latest version. Then delete this before you hand it in.



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