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Introduction: Encouraging usage

Using Writing for University Courses within your courses
and modules


What the Written English Feedback Sheets cover

Uses of the Written English Feedback Sheets

Written English Feedback Sheet - Starter Level

Written English Feedback Sheet - Development Level



Introduction: Encouraging usage

A thoroughly evaluated resource

Prototypes of Writing for University Courses have been thoroughly evaluated. This version is based on the evaluation findings.

The evaluation used student questionnaires, observations and focus groups, and interviews with staff.

One major finding of the evaluation was that students are often unaware:

  • that their writing may not be of an appropriate standard for academic work
  • of the importance of writing clearly and in an academic style.

Writing for University Courses has been re-designed to address this.

Raising awareness

Tutors can raise students' awareness of the importance of their writing skills by:

  • integrating the use of Writing for University Courses into their teaching
  • giving feedback to students on their writing skills.

This section covers both these issues.



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