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Punctuation - Development Level Skill Check

Are you confident about all the items on the Starter Level Skill Check? If not, return to it before continuing.

You can now use the Development Level Skill Check to see if or where you need to improve your use of punctuation to write in an academic way. The Skill Check will lead you to the Development Level Practice and Advice you need.

Use Punctuation - Check your Work before handing in any written work, to help you ensure that your academic work is well punctuated.

The questions are about 11 punctuation marks. For each punctuation mark, click on all the statements which apply to you. Be honest with yourself in order to get the help you need.

To help you answer each question, go to Practice to check what you can do. Go to Advice to see what you should know, or if you do not understand something.

Clicking on Practice and Advice will take you out of this test.

Note. To return to the test, click 'back' on the top browser toolbar.

. full stop Practice | Advice
? question mark Practice | Advice
! exclamation mark Practice | Advice
, comma Practice | Advice
: colon Practice | Advice
; semicolon Practice | Advice
' apostrophe Practice | Advice
"" ' ' double or single quotation marks or inverted commas Practice | Advice
( ) brackets

Practice | Advice
- hyphen Practice | Advice
/ slash Practice | Advice

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